Nearly 2,000 residents were evacuated and two homes burned in a wildfire that started early Thursday when three people tossed paper into a campfire in the dangerously dry foothills of Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains, authorities said.

Sometimes I just am so baffled by how stupid people can be. What just doesn’t make sense to me about this fire situation is how every day for the past week all I heard about on the radio/tv was how there is a Red Flag warning for Los Angeles, yet these guys decided to light a campfire in the mountains and toss crap into it.

I think everyone needs to turn on NPR for at least 30 minutes a day and get a little educated. 


Yeah sure, if you’re unemployed or a child. #RealLife

Yeah sure, if you’re unemployed or a child. #RealLife

"Focus your attention on your intentions" Life lessons from the dry cleaner. (Taken with Instagram)

Mississippi (Taken with Instagram at Musinger & Clemens gardens)

Harp playing at the airport? Minnesota 1 pt LAX 0 (Taken with Instagram at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP))

Trooper takes the beach (Taken with Instagram)

"if you’re afraid of butter, use cream" Julia Child (Taken with Instagram)

all day every day

all day every day

Introducing MY NEW BABY :):):) (Taken with Instagram)

Flowers!? For me!? Umm I could get use to this (Taken with Instagram)